DeFi as a service.

Professional-grade tooling and services to optimise
your asset management experience

For DAOs.

Avantgarde helps you manage your crypto balance sheet in a safe and transparent manner while still taking full advantage of the rapid pace of innovation and iteration of new financial primitives.

Focus on your business

Treasury Management


Give us a mandate and we will help you earn yield transparently and in line with your DeFi philosophy and investment policies.

  • Non-custodial investment solution for both wallets and multi-sigs

  • Delegated permissions that suit your risk appetite

  • Full visibility on all activities 24/7

  • Real-time reporting and risk management

For Asset Managers.

From investor management to strategy automation, Avantgarde provide tools and services to optimize your on-chain asset management experience.

Allocate capital

Launch DeFi Investment Vaults

Do what you do best — generate returns

Avantgarde builds tools on top of Enzyme, an end-to-end blockchain system which enables you to manage all your crypto and DeFi interests from one convenient platform.

  • Digital fundraising and compliance

  • Automated fees

  • Full transparency and 24/7 NAV reporting

  • A provable track record on-chain

  • Accessing investors through marketplace

For Builders.

Whether you're dreaming up the next DeFi primitive or have a crazy idea on how to assemble these money legos, Avantgarde can help you utilize Enzyme's infrastructure to build your product.

Work with us

Partner Program

Become a partner with Avantgarde

Join our partner program and leverage our team's expertise with over 5 years in DeFi Asset Management to advise you on building your own products and dapps on top of Enzyme.

Find an Avantgarde-vetted business partner

Tell us what you are looking for and we will match you with someone from our network who has the skills you need and has worked on Enzyme with us before.

For Investors.

Avantgarde uses Enzyme's infrastructure to provide a clear, provably true view of manager track records, current holdings, fees, and anything else you might consider when looking to back a manager is at your fingertips.

Park your funds with the experts

Transparent Choices


Find a vault that fits

Search Enzyme vault managers to find one that aligns with your investment requirements. Make your investment decision with all the facts at hand:

  • Track Record

  • Fee Schedule

  • Compliance Policies

  • And much more