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Our Team

Avantgarde's institutional-grade DeFi products and services unlock the full potential of on-chain asset management.
Using visionary strategy to drive organizational success
Mona El Isa
Driving the synergy between brand, product, and business strategies
Conor Gilmore
Head of marketing
Delivering results that exceed client expectations
Ignacio Rodriguez
Project Manager
Sean Casey
Co-CTO and Head of Protocol Development
Ensuring that business operations are efficient
Chris Taylor
Guiding the team towards successful outcomes
Ivan Herger
Head of Product
Bringing abstract ideas to life through coding
Paweł Kędzia
Software Engineer
Bringing abstract ideas to life through coding
Eugene Kostjuk
Software Engineer
Strategically manage and deploy financial assets
Ainsley To
head of asset management
Designing better experiences for our users
Ana Tardivo
Product designer
Identifying opportunities to drive business growth
Luca Mossini
Head of Business Development
Architecting Avantgarde's technological innovation
Sebastian Lorenz
Co-CTO and Head of Staff Engineering
Bringing abstract ideas to life through coding
Gabriel Rocheleau
Software Engineer
Bringing abstract ideas to life through coding
Dyfan T. Williams
Ignacio Rodriguez
project manager
Our Culture
At Avantgarde, our culture is rooted in a humble, intelligent approach. We value high personal accountability without the constraints of micromanagement, trusting each employee to approach their work with diligence and dedication. Our team knows the importance of delivering on their promises and exceeding expectations.
We recognise that innovation doesn't happen only within office walls, which is why we embrace a flexible working policy.
Collectively, our passion drives us to explore, innovate and iterate, continually seeking ways to provide better solutions and opportunities for our clients and ourselves.
A humble, intelligent approach
Work with diligence and dedication
Our culture reflects our values and vision, making Avantgarde a unique place where ambitious ideas become a reality.